Journal Articles (Selected)

​​Journal Publications in 2020
  1. Madan A, Yap SHK, Paulose V, Chang W, Shum PP, Hao J, Investigation of a Bragg grating-based Fabry-Perot structure inscribed using femtosecond laser micromachining in an adiabatic fiber taper, Appl. Sci. 10, 1069 (2020)​
  2. Wang Y, Hasan MI, Hassan MRA, Chang W, Effect of the second ring of antiresonant tubes in negative curvature fibers, Opt. Express 28, 1168–1176 (2020)
  3. Chowdury A, Akhmediev N, Chang W, Concurrent instabilities causing multiple rogue waves in infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, Nonlinear Dyn. 99, 2265–2275 (2020)​
  4. P. Man, Q. Zhang, Z. Zhou, M. Chen, J. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Wang, B. He, Q. Li, W. Gong, W. Lu, Y. Yao, and L. Wei, Engineering MoS2 nanosheets on spindle-like α-Fe2O3 as high-performance core-shell pseudocapacitive anodes for fiber-shaped aqueous lithium-ion capacitors, Advanced Functional Materials, in press, (2020).
  5. L. Wei and S. C. Tjin, Special Issue “Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications”: An Overview, Sensors 20, 3400 (2020).
  6. M. Qi, M. Y. Zhang, K. Li, S. C. Tjin, and L. Wei, Hybrid plasmonic fiber-optic sensors, Sensors 20, 3266 (2020). *Review paper
  7. C. Yi, Y. Hou, K. He, W. Li, N. Li, Z. Wang, B. Yang, S. Xu, H. Wang, C. Gao, G. Gu, Z. Wang, P. Ma, L. Wei, C. Yang, and M. Chen, Highly sensitive and wide linear-response pressure sensors featuring zero standby power consumption under bending conditions, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 17, 19563-19571 (2020).
  8. K. He, Y. Hou, C. Yi, N. Li, F. Sui, B. Yang, G. Gu, W. Li, Z. Wang, Y. Li, G. Tao, L. Wei, C. Yang, and M. Chen, High-performance zero-standby-power-consumption-under-bending pressure sensors for artificial reflex arc, Nano Energy 73, 104743 (2020).
  9. J. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Wang, J. Zhang, Q. Zhang, P. Shum, and L. Wei, All metal phosphide electrodes for high-performance quasi-solid-state fiber-shaped aqueous rechargeable Ni-Fe batteries, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 12801-12808 (2020).
  10. C. Li, Q. Zhang, T. Li, B. He, P. Man, Z. Zhu, Z. Zhou, L. Wei, K. Zhang, G. Hong, and Y. Yao, Nickel metal-organic framework nanosheets as novel binder-free cathode for advanced fibrous aqueous rechargeable Ni-Zn battery, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8, 3262-3269 (2020).
  11. B. Xu, S. Ma, Y. Xiang, J. Zhang, M. Zhu, L. Wei, G. Tao, and D. Deng, In-fiber structured particles and filament array from the perspective of fluid instabilities, Advanced Fiber Materials 2, 1-12 (2020). *Review paper
  12. Z. Zhou, Q. Li, L. Yuan, L. Tang, X. Wang, B. He, P. Man, C. Li, L. Xie, W. Lu, L. Wei, Q. Zhang, and Y. Yao, Achieving ultrahigh-energy-density in flexible and lightweight all-solid-state internal asymmetric tandem 6.6 V all-in-one supercapacitors, Energy Storage Materials 25, 893-902 (2020).
  13. Z. Pan, J. Yang, L. Li, X. Gao, L. Kang, Y. Zhang, Q. Zhang, Z. Kou, T. Zhang, L. Wei, Y. Yao, and J. Wang, All-in-one stretchable coaxial-fiber strain sensor integrated with high-performing supercapacitor, Energy Storage Materials 25, 124-130 (2020).
  14. Q. Zhang, P. Man, B. He, C. Li, Q. Li, Z. Pan, Z. Wang, J. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Zhou, X. Lu, Z. Niu, Y. Yao, and L. Wei, Binder-free NaTi2(PO4)3 anodes for high-performance coaxial-fiber aqueous rechargeable sodium-ion batteries, Nano Energy 67, 104212 (2020).
  15. M. Chen, Z. Wang, X. Ge, Z. Wang, K. Fujisawa, J. Xia, Q. Zeng, K. Li, T. Zhang, Q. Zhang, M. Chen, N. Zhang, T. Wu, S. Ma, G. Gu, Z. Shen, L. Liu, Z. Liu, M. Terrones, and L. Wei, Controlled fragmentation of single-atom-thick polycrystalline graphene, Matter 2, 666-679 (2020).
  16. W. Yan, C. Dong, Y. Xiang, S. Jiang, L. Andreas, G. Loke, W. Xu, C. Hou, S. Zhou, M. Chen, R. Hu, P. Shum, L. Wei, X. Jia, F. Sorin, X. Tao, and G. Tao, Thermally drawn advanced functional fibers: new frontier of flexible electronics, Materials Today 35, 168-194, (2020). *Review paper  ​
  17. Guangming Ni, Xin Ge, Lin Liu, Jing Zhang, Xiangzhou Wang, Juanxiu Liu, Linbo Liu, Yong Liu (2020), Towards Indicating Human Skin State In Vivo Using Geometry-Dependent Spectroscopic Contrast Imaging, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 32, 697-700.#
  18. Jun Xie*, Si Chen*, Nanshuo Wang*, Lulu Wang*, En Bo*, Linbo Liu (2020), Automatic differentiation of nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelia and columnar epithelia through feature structure extraction using OCT, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 60, 101919.
  19. En Bo*, Xin Ge**, Yuemei Luo*, Xuan Wu**, Si Chen*, Haitao Liang**, Shufen Chen**, Xiaojun Yu, Ping Shum, Jianhua Mo, Nanguang Chen & Linbo Liu (2020), Cellular-resolution in vivo tomography in turbid tissue through digital aberration correction. PhotoniX 1, 9.
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  21. Min Wang, Yiyuan Han, Xiaojun Yu, Liangliang Liang, Hao Chang, David Yeo, Mei Ling Wei, Christian Wiraja, Mei Ling Wee, Linbo Liu, Xiaogang Liu, Chenjie Xu (2020), Upconversion Nanoparticle Powered Microneedle Patches for Transdermal Delivery of siRNA, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 9, 1900635 (IF= 6.270) #
  22. Ming Chen, Zhixun Wang, Kaiwei Li, Ting Zhang, Qichong Zhang, Mengxiao Chen, Tingting Wu, Shaoyang Ma, Nan Zhang, Linbo Liu, Zexiang Shen, Zheng Liu, Lei Wei (2020), Controlled Fragmentation of Single-Atom-Thick Polycrystalline Graphene, Matter, 2, 1-14.
  23. Lin, Vivian, Kaza, Niroop, Birket, Susan, Kim, Hyunki, Edwards, Lloyd, LaFontaine, Jennifer, Liu, Linbo, Mazur, Marina, Byzek, Stephen, Hanes, Justin, Tearney, Guillermo, Raju, S Vamsee, Rowe, Steven (2020), Excess mucus viscosity and airway dehydration impact COPD airway clearance, European Respiratory Journal, 5(1) 1900419 (IF= 12.242). ##​
Journal Publications in 2019
  1. Hasan MI, Akhmediev N, Chang W, Midinfrared pulse generation by pumping in the normal-dispersion regime of a gas-filled hollow-core fiber, Phys. Rev. Applied 12, 014050 (2019)​
  2. P. Man, B. He, Q. Zhang, Z. Zhou, C. Li, Q. Li, L. Wei, and Y. Yao, A one-dimensional channel self-standing MOF cathode for ultrahigh-energy-density flexible Ni-Zn batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7, 27217-27224 (2019).
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  6. B. He, P. Man, Q. Zhang, C. Wang, Z. Zhou, C. Li, L. Wei, and Y. Yao, Conversion synthesis of self-standing potassium zinc hexacyanoferrate arrays as cathodes for high-voltage flexible aqueous rechargeable sodium-ion batteries, Small 15, 1905115 (2019).
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  12. M. Zhang, M. Qi, Z. Wang, Z. Wang, M. Chen, K. Li, P. Shum, and L. Wei, One-step synthesis of cyclodextrin-capped gold nanoparticles for ultra-sensitive and highly-integrated plasmonic biosensors, Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical 286, 429-436 (2019).
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Journal Publications in 2018
  1. Q. Z. Sun, F. Ai, D. M. Liu, J. W. Cheng, H. B. Luo, K. Peng, Y. Y. Luo, Z. J. Yan, P. P. Shum, "M-OTDR sensing system based on 3D encoded microstructures", Scientific Reports, 01-Jan-2017.Nanshuo Wang, "Polarization management to mitigate misalignment-induced fringe fading in fiber-based optical coherence tomography", Optics Letters, 01-Jan-2018.
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Journal Publications in 2017
  1. Q. Z. Sun, F. Ai, D. M. Liu, J. W. Cheng, H. B. Luo, K. Peng, Y. Y. Luo, Z. J. Yan, P. P. Shum, "M-OTDR sensing system based on 3D encoded microstructures", Scientific Reports, 01-Jan-2017.
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