The main equipment in COFT includes: 

  • Modified chemical vapour deposition (MCVD) system
  • Rare-earth vapour delivery system for in-situ doping processes
  • Glass working lathe
  • Triple fibre drawing tower capable of silica fibre, holey fibre, and soft glass fibre drawings
  • Preform refractive index profiler
  • Fibre refractive index profiler
  • Preform machining knee-mill
  • Table-top scanning electron microscope
  • Large diameter fibre processing stage


Currently, we have many on-going projects: 

  • Large mode area, multi-kW laser fibres
  • Micro-structured and holey fibres
  • High nonlinearity fibres
  • High power Raman fibres at mid-IR
  • Multicomponent fibres at mid-IR
  • Nano-wired fibres