Research Projects

  • Scalable Fabrication of Metallic Particles for Electromagnetic Wave Absorption (Asst/P Wei Lei)
  • Efficient Visible Fiber Laser Through the Down-conversion Process (Asst/P Yoo Seong Woo)
  • High Sensitivity Photodetecting Arrays Based on Flexible Optoelectronic Fibers (Asst/P Wei Lei)
  • Multicore Fiber and Fiber Sensor For Intracoronary Imaging/Sensing (Programme Title:Fiber Medical Devices For Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease) (Prof Shum Ping)
  • Nano-optical Coherence Tomography and Multiphoton Endomicroscopy For Intracoronary Imaging (Programme Title:Fiber Medical Devices For Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease) (Asst/P Liu Linbo)
  • Lighting for Fa_ade Applications Using Polymer Waveguide and Edge Lighting (Prof Tjin Swee Chuan)
  • Project Development of Technologies for Fabrication and Functionalisation of Microfibers for Sensing Heavy Metals Using Common Raman Spectrometry System (A/P Yong Ken Tye)
  • In-fibre Multi-material Nanowires and Nanospheres (Asst/P Wei Lei)
  • Design and Fabrication of Novel Photonic Crystal Fiber-Based Devices for Third-order Parametric Downconversion (Prof Shum Ping)
  • Advanced Special Fibres for Laser, Amplifier and Communication Applications (Asst/P Yoo Seong Woo)
  • Towards Mid-infrared Optical Fiber Based Super-continuum Generation (Asst/P Chow Kin Kee)
  • High Power Silica Fibre Based Mid-IR Lasers (A/P Yong Ken Tye)
  • Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Generation in InF3 and Lead-Bismuth-gallium Fibers (A/P Wang Qijie)
  • Development of High Performance Large Mode Area Fibres (Asst/P Yoo Seong Woo)
  • Design and Fabrication of Cost Effective Mid-IR Source by Three Photon Generation (Dr Shao Xuguang, Michelle)
  • Advanced Optics in Engineering Programme- Fibre Drawing Facility (Prof Tjin Swee Chuan)
  • High power silica fibre-based mid-IR lasers (Dr Luan Feng)
  • High Temperature & High Quality Extrusion of Silica Preforms (Dr Zhang Yilei)
  • High power cladding-pumped cascaded Raman fibre sources for mid-IR wavelengths (Dr Su Haibin)
  • Fibre-Drawing Nanomanufacturing (Dr Cesare Soci)
  • Development of a tabletop high-repetition-rate femtosecond extreme UV light source for Ultrafast Spectromicroscopy (Dr Loh Zhi Heng)
  • Infrared Nanoscope: Specialty fibre-enabled super-resolution optical technology for imaging, metrology & nanofabrication (Prof Nikolay Zheludev)
  • Draw Tower Fibre Grating Inscription based on Femtosecond Laser Technology (Dr Lai Yicheng)
  • Mid-IR Tomography based on Fibre Comb Technology (Dr Yu Xia)​