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COFT - Centre for Optical Fibre Technology is the home to Singapore’s first fibre-drawing tower: a key tool for manufacturing new fibre designs. COFT is set up to develop core capabilities and technologies for specialty optical fibre fabrication and characterisation. Materials and device innovations for these specialty fibres range from multi-kW fibre lasers to nano-watt sensors, and from UV fibres to mid-IR fibres for applications in environmental sensing, biomedical sensing, next generation communications, smart fabrics, and many others. The centre strives to become a centre of excellence in the advanced research of optical fibres and their related technologies as well as to provide training in this field.

COFT is paving the way for a light-based future, and the roadmap of COFT in the coming years will:

• Place a world-class, shared tool set at the heart of the campus.
• Create an important hub for photonics development.
• Educate the next generation of leaders.
• Power innovation at NTU - and around the world.
Wei Lei
COFT - Centre for Optical Fibre Technology